Brides today are fortunate because they aren't bound by strict tradition when it comes to choosing the ideal wedding dress style. The bride-to-be is free to select a gown in the shape, length, and color that enhances her figure and the couple's wedding theme.

If you're worried about choosing the right dress to suit your body type, you needn't be anxious any longer. As long as you follow a few simple tips when you try on dresses, you'll find it's fun and easy to choose the bridal gown style that helps you feel beautiful and beloved on your big day.

Begin the Bridal Gown Search ASAP

The more time you have to find the perfect gown, the better chance you have of wearing a figure-enhancing dress on your wedding day. That's because any gown you choose may have to have significant alterations to fit your body type properly. Ideally, you should begin your search for a gown no later than six months before the wedding to give yourself and the alteration team plenty of time to make adjustments.

It's a good idea to purchase your foundation garments as early as possible, too. But you should wait to buy your bra, slip, and other underwear if you aren't sure what type of neckline or skirt your dress will have. If you do have your wedding day bra and undergarments before you select a dress, wear them to the formal wear shop when you try on dresses to give yourself an edge in selecting the right dress for your figure.

If your dress doesn’t fit perfectly, you'll need to schedule one or more fittings a few months before the wedding to ensure the alterations look right on your figure. You'll also want to try your dress on close to the wedding date to ensure that your hair, jewelry, shoes, wedding day bra, and specialty undergarments look fabulous with the dress.

Step Outside of Your Fashion Comfort Zone

You may have a vague idea of the dress you'd prefer to wear on your wedding day, and the neckline and shape just so happen to mimic those of your favorite dresses hanging in your closet. If certain styles work for you, consider sticking to them. In other words, if you have a very large or small bust, and you've found a dress style shows the beauty of your figure's unique features, you'll want a bridal gown cut and sewn in a similar fashion.

Still, whether or not you’ve found “your” style, try going outside of your comfort zone when looking for a dress. Put on dress styles you've never dreamt of wearing, whether that means you dare to wear plunging necklines and trumpet skirts, or try on detachable boleros and two piece gowns with exposed midriffs.

Experiment with a variety of dress lengths and cuts. You may surprise yourself with how amazing you look in a previously untried dress style.

Listen to Suggestions from Wedding Pros

Formal wear professionals sell a lot of wedding gowns over the years. They learn what works—and what doesn't work so well—on a variety of body types. Even if you're absolutely determined to select a specific style of dress, spend some time trying on dresses that your consultant recommends.

The formal wear expert knows the in-house dress inventory better than anyone. They may have recently seen a gorgeous dress on another bride-to-be with your body type and know it will look stunning on you as well.

While the dress choice is always yours to make, be open to suggestions from the pros. Explore all of the possibilities before you make an impulsive purchase.

At Eduardo's, we offer a large selection of bridal gowns and formal wear. Come in and try on our dresses for yourself. We're happy to help you find the dress with the color, style, and fabric that will make your wedding day uniquely yours.